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Oxbow Adventure

Oxbow Adventure

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Tucked away in the tranquil shadows of the majestic Nevis Bluff lies a hidden gem that promises a thrill-seeker's paradise: Oxbow Adventure Co. This extraordinary playground boasts three awesome activities.

First up on the adrenaline-fueled roster are the 4WD off-roaders, specially designed all-terrain vehicles that will have you conquering rugged terrain like a true off-road champion. Strap in and prepare for a bumpy ride as you navigate challenging obstacles.

Next, hop aboard one of the only four-seater jet sprint boats in the world and get ready to feel the rush of speed and exhilaration as you tear through crystal-clear waters.

Lastly unleash your competitive spirit with a round of clay bird shooting, where accuracy and focus are key. Take aim, fire away, and see who among your friends can claim the title of sharpshooter in this friendly yet fiercely competitive game.

Please contact the Snow Machine Team if a product is sold out and you would like to book. There is limited availability for transport to Oxbox, but we will do our best to find a solution for you!

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